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Fabryka Kotłów RAFAKO S.A.

47-400 Racibórz ul. Łąkowa 33

tel.: (32) 410 10 00,

fax: (32) 415 34 27

rok założenia firmy: 1949

Fabryka Kotłów RAFAKO S.A.

Established in 1949 and employing ca. 1900 people RAFAKO company has been always tied to power generation industry offering design and manufacture of boilers and environment protection plants. Since 1993 RAFAKO S.A. is a joint stock company which shares are quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. RAFAKO is a leader on the Polish power generation equipment market and the biggest boiler producer in Europe. Ca. 80% of boilers operated by Polish utilities had been delivered by RAFAKO. The Company is also a leader within the field of flue gas desulfurization plants based on wet lime and semi-dry methods.