Polski Biznes

Fabryka Kotłów RAFAKO S.A.

47-400 Racibórz ul. Łąkowa 33

tel.: (32) 410 10 00,

fax: (32) 415 34 27

rok założenia firmy: 1949


RAFAKO offers general contracting within the scope of fossil fired power generation units, boiler island in particular, including PC boilers for sub- and supercritical steam parameters, CFB boilers, HRSG and stoker fired boilers as well as flue gas cleaning plants and equipment. The Company also offers boilers for waste incineration and biomass combustion.

RAFAKO is certified with ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001, EMAS and PED. The Company is approved according to UDT, ASME, TRD and other foreign regulations. In 2001 RAFAKO was awarded with Polish Quality Award for its successful implementation and constant improvement of Total Quality Management rules.